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This volunteer service has arisen from the current COVID-19 health crisis. There is a need for some members of the community who may need to self-isolate to receive help from others, be it in the form of help with shopping, IT support, posting letters and/or packages, or needing someone to talk to.

Equally, there's a requirement for a recipient of any help to know that any volunteer is bona fide. Hence all volunteers have to be recommended by another member of the community, given that news articles are already circulating of thieves and scammers presenting themselves as volunteers elsewhere in the country.

The purpose of this service is to provide a single view of community members known to need help and set them in contact with those able to provide that help, so that volunteering is not done in a piecemeal, sporadic fashion wherein some people may fall through the cracks, but is instead done consistently. That is the aim.

If you are a volunteer, please add your contact details on the Volunteers tab. Help requests can be made to one of the volunteers using their contact details when these are made available, or on the Help Requests tab. The plan is to record all help requests so that the work is spread evenly among the volunteers.

It is intended that this service will be publicised via the Coddington Community Facebook Group, Coddington Village News and on Coddington Village website.

A printed list of the volunteers and their contact details will also be posted onto the village noticeboards, with the permission of volunteers, when enough volunteers have signed up.

Coddington Parish Council would like to thank Leon LeBlanc for proposing and developing this volunteering system for Coddington.

All information entered via this volunteering scheme is stored securely, is not shared with any third parties, and is only used for the purposes of this volunteering scheme. Please contact the webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want a copy of the information stored, or if you want it to be deleted. Use of the volunteering scheme forms requires acceptance that your information can be used to provide a volunteering service.