Conditions of hire of the Village Hall



Please telephone the Clerk to discuss availability in the first instance.

Applications for hire must be made in writing on the booking form available from the Clerk.


For one-off bookings all charges for the hire of the hall must be paid in advance. The hall is only available during the times stated on the booking form. If the HIRER requires time for additional set-up, preparation, access by caterers etc this MUST be agreed in advance with the clerk.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: This will be returned within seven days of the hire provided there has been no damage to the hall or its contents and the Conditions of Hire have been adhered to.

In addition the HIRER shall reimburse to the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE the cost of any extra expense incurred for cleaning or making good any breakage or damage incurred during the period of hire.


Fire regulations limit the maximum capacity of the main hall to 100 people.

During the period of hire the HIRER will be responsible for supervision of the premises, its fabric and contents and shall ensure the reasonable behaviour of all persons using the premises and not allow any activity in or around the hall that would disturb nearby residents. The premises may not be sub-let or used for any purpose other than that specified on the booking form.

The HIRER shall not affix decorations or other articles to any part of the hall in a manner which causes damage. If using the kitchen it is the HIRER’S responsibility, or their nominated caterer, to comply with all Food Hygiene and Health and Safety policies set out by the Food Standards Agency and Trading Standards. See

The MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE reserve the right of entry to the hall at all times.


The HIRER is expected to leave the hall in a clean and tidy condition. All surfaces, equipment, crockery and cutlery must be left clean and tidy and all waste placed in the bins provided. Cleaning equipment is available. Please leave the floors clean but do not use water, polish or other materials on the main hall’s wooden floor.

Switch off all equipment as appropriate and return to its original position.  Switch off lights, close and fasten windows and ensure that all external doors are secured.

CANCELLATIONS: If the HIRER wishes to cancel the booking before the date of the event the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE reserve the right to make a charge. Refunds may not be given for cancellations within 7 days of the booked event.

CLAIMS: The HIRER shall indemnify the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE against all claims or proceedings in respect of damage to property and /or the injury or death of any person which may occur prior to, during or after the period of hire and which are alleged to be a consequence of the activity or purpose of the hire. This clause shall not apply in the event of negligence by the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE or any defect in the premises being the cause of such damage, injury or death.

The MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE assumes no responsibility or liability for the property of the HIRER including damage, loss, theft, fire, flooding etc.

The MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE shall not be responsible for any consequential loss or damage to the hirer in the event of the hall not being available by reason of incidents or events beyond their control. If the booking must be cancelled in special circumstances e.g. polling days, the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE shall have no liability other than the return of the hire charge and deposit.